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Process: A Visual Journey with Banker Wessel

An interview with
Jonas Banker & Ida Wessel


When working on logo design a large bulk of the process is working through a visual journey. This is part of the process that’s rarely shared, and is often surrounded in mystery, but a new book published by Counter Print has worked to address this by highlighting the rarely shown sketching and process behind the making of marks and logotypes… Process: Visual Journeys in Graphic Design, created by Jonas Banker and Ida Wessel, the founders of the award winning Swedish design agency, BankerWessel.

In this interview we discuss the new book, but also learn how Jonas and Ida founded their agency as a couple, as well as their process for working with clients on a logo design project.

Jonas Banker & Ida Wessel Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: You formed your own agency together, BankerWessel. Can you share with us how that came to be? What was your background prior to starting the agency and how did it all begin?

Ida Wessel: Maybe I can start? I studied graphic design at RISD at Lake Parsons, in Stockholm, and prior to that I studied art history, and I think my defining moment when it comes to graphic design happened at RISD.

I took a summer course and that was kind of life changing. We got assignments to convert stories into basic shapes, and that was to practice the skill of thinking in symbols, and I found that to be super challenging and interesting. It made me think that there were more to graphic design than just met the eye. That was my initial meeting with graphic design.

Then I came back to Sweden, and I’m not an illustrator, like Jonas, so I sold everything with type all the time, so the logos I made just looked the same all the time. Usually with a dot involved and type. Then I met Jonas. Jonas changed his style constantly and then in a way that worked well for me to art direct him, and we started to work together. That’s kind of how it started.