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Launching a Design Product with Kickstarter

An interview with
Andy Brown


If you operate as an independent designer it's a good idea to build up multiple revenue streams so you're not always trading your time for money. There's plenty of ways to do this, such as designing and selling digital products like fonts, stock icons and images, but have you ever considered designing a product to solve a problem?

That's what Andy Brown did. He struggled to choose colours, so he created Swatchos, a deck of cards that allows you to play and work with colour. And as a way to fund the production of the product he launched a crowdfunding project through Kickstarter.

In this episode we learn more about Swatchos and how it was created, we discuss how to select a colour, talk about how to launch a Kickstarter campaign, and end the conversation with a discussion around the Print Handbook with advice on how to make the most of modern print technology.

Andy Brown Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I recently found out about you through the Kickstarter product Swatchos, which is something that you're currently working on right at this moment. Could you tell us a little bit more about this project?

Andy Brown: Sure. So, Swatchos, they are a pack of 129 cards and each card is a different colour, and they're designed to be used for picking single colours, or because all the cards are loose, you can kind of mix and match them to create a colour scheme. So, that's the kind of essence of the project.

The project came about because I was looking for a better way to work with colours and I couldn't find one, and so I ultimately made the product for myself. The fact that it's got backed and things is great, but it was very much I wanted this product. So, I'm super happy that other people were interested as well.