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Creating a Consistent Income

An interview with
Hayden Burgess


The key to creating a consistent income is ongoing marketing and sales. To discuss successful techniques, Ian interviews Hayden Burgess, a sales coach for creative studios and agencies.

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Hayden Burgess Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Something I'm keen to talk about on the podcast is sales and making money, and I know looking on your Instagram feed, you have said that you can help creatives create consistent $20,000 months within 90 days with your program. And that's a lot of money. I know not everyone's in the position where they can get to that figure of money, but I think this is a good conversation to have. The focus of the podcast is making a living from logo design, so I think this is a really good topic to dive into. So kind of as an opening question, and we'll see where this takes us, how does somebody get to the point where they can make $20,000 a month? That's a lot of money.

Hayden Burgess: That is a lot of money, I guess, to put in context, mate, when people start working with us, they're already going, they're not starting from zero. And I've found with a lot of clients that I've worked with, it's often just a couple of small tweaks and they might already be doing say seven to maybe even kind of 15 a month, but it's really sporadic, it's up and down, and they all say to me, it's feast or famine, I'll have a great month and then a hard month. So what I help my clients with is I guess, kind of making it more streamlined and making it more consistent.