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Creating a Logo Package

An interview with
Michael Bruny-Groth


Once your clients agreed the logo you’ve designed what files should you be sending? As a professional logo designer you need to provide the logo in a number of formats for web and print, as well as colour variations and configurations to ensure the logo you’ve designed is versatile.

In this episode Ian interviews Michael Bruny-Groth to learn how to create a comprehensive logo package, and the file types and formats that you should be including. We also learn about the story behind logo package express, an illustrator plugin designed by Michael to speed up the process of preparing a logo package.

Michael Bruny-Groth Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: To kick off our discussion, can you talk through what files graphic designers should ideally be sending clients once they’ve completed their logo?

Michael Bruny-Groth: Yeah, certainly. I think that there’s a set of files from which to choose, and you don’t always have to choose all of those files. But they’re definitely all worth considering. So I guess the first way to them would be between vector formats and what would be called raster or bitmap files.

And the bitmap files are the JPEGs, PNGs. They aren’t scalable, you can’t print them out at any size and have them look nice. And then there’s the vector file formats. And vector file formats are something that you can scale up. You can print it at the size of a billboard or the size of a business card and it’s the same file. So you definitely want to provide your clients both with a vector format at least, and a raster format, because those raster or bitmap files, which don’t scale are good for the web, things like their websites, their social media.

So as far as what those file formats actually are, the vector formats that you can provide are your native design file, whether you use illustrator or you use something like affinity designer, there will be sort of a file that that program puts out automatically. I guess Inkscape would probably be another logo design tool that maybe people are using for free. But for the purposes of this, I’ll just refer to it as like an illustrator file.