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What it takes to be a Brand Strategist

An interview with
Stephen Houraghan


Brand Strategy has become a buzz word in design communities. Some designers, with very little experience are calling themselves brand strategists, but it’s a deep topic that can take years to master. So what does it really take to become a brand strategist? How can you learn everything you need to develop brands from the ground up? How do you conduct a strategy session, and what do you provide as a deliverable?

On this weeks episode, Ian interviews Stephen Houraghan to answer these questions. Stephen is the founder of Brand Master Academy, a training course developed to help you build strategic brands, grow your expert profile and command premium fees.

Stephen Houraghan Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Brand strategy has become one of those buzz words. Everyone’s talking about it. But I’ve learned myself by attending courses and going through workshops, yours being one of them, that there’s a lot more to brand strategy than some people might realise. So, as a starting question, what does it mean when someone calls them a Brand Strategist?

Stephen Houraghan: I completely agree, there is a lot of different ideas about what brand strategy is. There is also a lot of misunderstanding as well and it doesn’t help that it’s not something that explained in black and white. Branding is not something that is explained in black and white. There are a lot of people, even the big wigs in the industry, who would describe it different from one person to the next, but in terms of building a brand, there are quite a few different levels to that. There are a lot of different parts to the overall puzzle.

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