Learn and improve from the greatest graphic designers

One of the best ways I’ve learned and developed as a graphic designer is to continually benchmark my work against others… to compare my design work with the very best I can find, and continually push to improve.

With logo design, I’ve always been drawn to the iconic identity work of design legends such as Paul Rand and Saul Bass, who have created some of the world’s best-known brand marks. Their work is simple, clean, very well thought out, and distinctly recognisable. I was so excited after my visit to the Paul Rand: Design is Everything exhibition in New York (my photos from the exhibition here), and buzzing with ideas after watching this Saul Bass pitch video for Bell Systems from the 1970’s (it’s well worth watching as it’s a great example of how to ‘sell’ and present a logo design).




These designers are sadly no longer with us, but they have written books and left their mark on this world. Books offer an amazing insight into these designers minds, and I have learned valuable lessons over the past few years. Invaluable life long lessons from the world’s greatest logo design visionaries. With so much knowledge out there to be discovered, I’m keen to start researching other great brand identity designers, so I can keep learning and improving.

I’ve recently purchased a book that will help me on my new journey, and I want to share this discovery with you in the hope that you might want to join in on my quest…


Graphic Design Visionaries by Caroline Roberts

I have a slight obsession with design books at the moment, so am constantly on the lookout for the next book to read and learn from. I’ve always enjoyed books published by Laurence King, so after looking through their design book collection I quickly took up the opportunity to get myself a copy of one of their latest books; Graphic Design Visionaries written by Caroline Roberts, the founder of Grafik magazine.

This epic 300-page book features 75 of the world’s most influential designers, showing the development of graphic design from early innovators, through to key figures of mid-century Swiss design. Quoting from Laurence King, this book allows you to “Explore the lives and work of those that have shaped the world of graphic design

Each designer has a single page of information, a career timeline, and several pages of stunning visual examples of their design work. It’s literally the perfect book to be inspired from, and serves well as a starting point to search for learnings from these individuals… perfect!


A look inside this inspiring new design book

Here’s a selection of page spreads from inside this new book.


Graphic Design Visionaries: Edward McKnight Kauffer

Graphic Design Visionaries: Work of Cipe Pineles

Graphic Design Visionaries: Yusaku Kamekura

Graphic Design Visionaries: Saul Bass

Graphic Design Visionaries: Work of Bob Noorda

Graphic Design Visionaries: Work of Wim Crouwel

Graphic Design Visionaries: Work of Lora Lamm

Graphic Design Visionaries Book Spread

Graphic Design Visionaries - Back Cover


After reading this book I’m so excited to start discovering more from each design visionary, and I hope you can join me on this journey of discovery, and self-improvement.

For more information on this book, or If you’d like to buy yourself a copy visit the Laurence King website.

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