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Designing logos forHasbro, Disney, Star Wars& More!

An interview with
Myles Mendoza


Myles Mendoza is a super talented graphic designer from San Diego, and one of 3 who form HRO Design, an agency who work on logo and brand identity design for some of the worlds biggest entertainment brands including Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, Hasbro, Warner Bros and many more! On this weeks episode Ian chats with Myles to discover how he became a designer, how he landed (and lost) his dream design job, how HRO design was formed, how they get such incredible clients, his logo design process and so much more.

Myles Mendoza Interview Transcription

Myles Mendoza: Before I even got into design, I originally wanted to be an architect when I was probably a senior in high school, like I took drafting and I really thought it was fun to kind of design layouts of houses and foundations and stuff. But when I kind of looked into how much math you really need to know for architecture, I was like, “Ooh, I’m going to pass because I’m terrible at math”. But I knew that I wanted to do some kind of art because I’ve been sketching since I was a little kid.

I used to draw logos in my notebooks just because I thought it was fun and it would be logos like my favourite skateboard brands, and I actually used to if I would, my dad would get me a toy or something. It’s so weird, but I would actually cut out the logo of the toy and just keep it for whatever reason. Like I had no … I just thought it was cool and fast forward to today, it’s so funny that that’s what I ended up being in the industry for.