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Growing an Instagram Following to 600k

An interview with
Jonathan Rudolph


Instagram has become a popular method for designers to find inspiration for logo design, however, did you know that by being active on the platform you can also attract clients?

But what do you need to do to increase engagement on Instagram? How do you grow your following to attract potential clients? What tools can you use? How do you use hashtags? So many questions!

In this episode Ian chats with the founder of Logo Inspirations, Jonathan Rudolph to find out what’s been successful for him. We learn how he grew his Instagram following to 600,000+, whilst also making a passive income of over $5000+ a month.

We also discover how Jonathan started Logo Inspirations, how he fits it around a full time job.

Jonathan Rudolph Interview Transcription

Jonathan Rudolph: I’ve engaged with a lot of designers. I’ve made friends through Instagram and a lot of them tell me that they get a lot of their clients through Instagram, which was quite surprising. Yeah, I thought that they would get it from Dribbble bands, but yeah, they get it through Instagram. I guess one of the reasons is because the clients hang out there, I guess. While they’re browsing through Instagram, they find a designer there that could look interesting and then they start chatting and yeah.

Ian Paget: Okay. I find that really interesting. Basically, from your opinion, you think that clients are maybe just browsing Instagram and when they’re looking for a logo they’re literally flicking through finding something that they like and they get in touch with the person there?

Jonathan Rudolph: That’s what almost all of the designers I’ve communicated with, that’s what they’re tell me. They get a high majority of their traffic through Instagram, their clientele. Yeah.

Ian Paget: Wow. That’s amazing. I definitely need to start using it more. Now I’m curious to know from you, because clearly you’ve been growing your channel for quite some time and you were getting really good engagement. How do you recommend to post on Instagram to get really good engagement, to attract these client opportunities?

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