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Pivoting from Brand Designer to Visual Storyteller

An interview with
Laura Evans


As designers we learn a wide range of skills and tools to effectively carry out our roles. Many of us pursue a career in branding, but the landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, so how can you stand out from the competition?

On this weeks podcast Ian interviews Laura Evans, who has transitioned from working as a generalist brand identity designer, to carving out a niche for herself to become a visual storyteller. This combines her design and illustration skills with her ability to communicate complex stories more effectively. Laura is now able to do something she loves, that makes an impact, whilst allowing her to stand out in a crowded market place.

Laura Evans is the founder of Nifty Fox Creative, who uses the power of pictures to help her clients more effectively communicate and engage with their audience, motivate internal teams and drive change in a visual world.

Interview with Laura Evans

Ian Paget: Here today you focus on visual storytelling. To give some background for people listening, could you share with us what that is?

Laura Evans: Yeah, sure. So I’ll tell you what it isn’t first. You often hear some logo and brand designers say they’re visual storytellers. I think what they mean by that is that they convey the meaning of business within a logo mark, or brand marketing message, which is true. But I think pure visual storytelling is communicating important ideas, simply, through the power of pictures.

So in terms of what that actually means for a product or output, it could be things like live illustrating at meetings, events and conferences to bring together complex ideas in illustrations or animation that focus on explaining things.

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