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SEO & Online Marketing For Graphic Designers

An interview with
Ryan Robinson


Do you spend all your time searching for clients, attending events and cold calling? What if there was a better way to do this, and instead have potential customers simply find you when they need your logo design services?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the solution. In this episode Ian chats with freelance content marketeer, and SEO expert Ryan Robinson who shares actionable information that you can use now to start getting your design portfolio in the hands of real clients around the world!

Ryan Robinson Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Why would you advise designers to blog?

Ryan Robinson: Someone who started as a freelance writer, I began branding myself as a freelance content marketer eventually. And that's kind of the branding that I've stuck with. And I think what really applies across the board to any freelancer, consultant, whatever title you want to call yourself in that realm is, that by having a blog, you give yourself an opportunity to showcase your work for one.

So it's something that can extend beyond just a portfolio site where you plug in a bunch of your best images. You actually get the chance to talk about some of those images in a more open format. So you can discuss say case studies that break down working with a particular kind of client that you want to attract more of.

And essentially, what you're doing is you're creating opportunities for yourself to then reach out to some of these similar companies that you've already landed some work with.

So kind of an example to bring that back home to the way that I use my blog in this capacity is I'll publish super in depth content that I'm thinking, "All right, I know at least five or six companies that would totally pay me to create this type of content for their websites too." So I'll publish what I think is basically the perfect example of what they want.

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