Redesigning the Logo for insurance firm, Quotall.

Quotall provide a leading edge, online trading platform and consultancy service that allow its customers to quote, buy and manage insurance products.

After 2 years in business, the company wanted to refresh its identity. Ian Paget was hired to redesign the logo, whilst retaining equity already built up with the existing logo.

Quotall Insurance Logo Redesign on Graphic Panel

A brand founded to disrupt the Insurance Industry

Quotall set out to disrupt the insurance industry.

The founders knew that technology will increasingly influence the market and insurance distribution, so they set out to provide a powerful, leading edge, online trading platform that enables customers to quote, buy and manage insurance products and services.

On top of this, Quotall also provide an insurance consultancy service including a marketing agency that helps customers develop, launch and optimise their insurance propositions.

After 2 years, the company had grown to the point where the existing logo and identity no longer reflected the position they hold in the market.

Quotall set out to refresh the brand presentation and assets, re-focussing the companies proposition and increasing clarity and impact.

To reflect this change, as part of a new online presence, a logo redesign was required that would retain the equity that had already been established with the current logo. Ian Paget was bought in to assist with this challenging task.

Quotall Logo Before and After

Evaluating the existing Quotall logo

Before working on a redesign, Ian evaluated the current logo design to address the features that required attention, and those which could be retained to allow the new logo to be an evolution of its predecessor.

The first area to address was the colour scheme. The 4 colours used;  red, yellow, green and blue was already owned by a world renowned brand - Google.

To avoid looking like the Google logo, the insurance company needed a new colour palette that they could own within their market sector. This had to be carefully selected so that the company would remain familiar to the existing customer base.

The logo also made use of a glossy highlight effect was a trend that was popular during the "Web 2.0” era that once ruled the web. When a logo makes use of trends like this, the design is often left looking dated and unprofessional once the wave has passed.

There was also a missed opportunity within the negative space of the previous logo. If flipped vertically, this would have formed a letter Q, allowing the symbol to stand as a monogram of the company name.

The new logo was carefully designed to address these problems, whilst retaining characteristics that would remain recognisable to the existing customer base, allowing the company to retain brand equity already established.

Outdoor Sign for Quotall, an Insurance Company Rebrand
Quotall Logo Design Presented on Name Badge and iPad Case

The final logo design for Quotall

The final logo design by Ian Paget, as presented throughout this page, worked effectively as an evolution of the previous identity.

It retained the looping, layered effect, with each element using a different colour. However, rather than a square, a hexagon was used which provided the opportunity to create shape that formed a letter Q, in both the positive and negative space.

The shape created for the symbol also creates a speech bubble, helping to communicate the consultancy service offered.

The colour palette was also carefully selected. Both blue and green was retained, but an additional 3rd colour was added, purple. This paired effectively with the established palette, allowing a familiarity to remain within the logo, but the combination used was fresh and original, and unlike anything within the market sector.

The new symbol design was then paired with a supporting wordmark that shared a similar look and feel to the previous identity. However, to mirror the angle of the icon, the Q has been modified to ensure both the wordmark and symbol work in harmony together.

Quotall Insurance Logo Presented on Exhibition Panels
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