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Can You Design the Worst Logo?

An interview with
Helen Rice & Colin Pinegar


We all know what a bad logo looks like, but could you design the worst logo?

The team from the design agency, Fuzzco, have created a contest encouraging you to undertake that challenge, with the chance for your worst work to be judged by some big name designers including Michael Bierut, Jessica Hische and Armin Vit.

To learn more about the project Ian interviews Helen Rice and Colin Pinegar from Fuzzco, a Creative Agency in Charleston, Seattle and New York.

Helen Rice & Colin Pinegar Interview Transcript

Ian Paget: I came across you guys through a challenge posted online. I normally ignore logo challenges, but this one was different. Rather than seeking the best logo, you’ve been looking for the worst. And I’ve not seen a project like this before, so I thought I’d get you guys on to discover more about this. So as a starting question, what is the, How Low Can Your Logo project, all about?

Colin Pinegar: Yeah. How Low Can Your Logo is a contest to essentially see who can make the worst logo for a fictional company. We called SMORTS, which stands for Simple Marketing Online Responsive Tech Solutions. So we made up this ridiculous corporation and are asking people to essentially just have at it and design as terrible a logo as possible for them.