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An interview with Illustrator & Logo Designer Alexa Erkaeva

An interview with
Alexa Erkaeva


In this weeks podcast Ian interviews the super talented Alexa Erkaeva, who produces stylised logo designs and illustrations that gleam with character, which also come to life through effective use of animation.

In this interview we discuss how she first became a graphic designer despite not being able to attend university, what her logo design process looks like, how she animates her logo designs, how she gets clients, and how she’s able to connect meet other designers despite living in a part of the world where there are currently no design events.

Alexa is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Turkmenistan in Central Asia.

Alexa Erkaeva Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I understand that you’re a self taught designer. How did you go about learning graphic design?

Alexa Erkaeva: My father worked with hardware all of his life. Actually he is working at home right now too, so he fixes computers, and my mom, she is a software engineer so we always had a computer at home. I’m just telling you that in my country, there is still a huge problem with Internet access. So it was a privilege to have a computer and Internet around 20 years ago in Turkmenistan.

So, I always loved to draw and when my mom bought the CD with Photoshop, I started poking around and eventually I moved from paper to digital, and after the crisis and the nineties, maybe you heard about this? My Dad, he lost everything. He lost his business. And as a result, when I graduated from school my parents couldn’t afford to pay for my education. So the country defines a lot I would say. I can’t talk in details, but I started perfectly well and it was not enough to go to university in our country still. So I had enough free time to learn how to draw on a computer, and thanks to Internet, I could find any required information to learn things on my own. And that’s how I started.