Being inspired by graphic designer Radim Malinic

I recently got chatting to Radim Malinic, a fellow freelance graphic designer based in South West London who works under the name ‘Brand Nu’.

Radim is one of the most talented all round designers I know, so I was excited when he mentioned he’s been working on a book titled Book of ideas – a journal of creative direction and graphic design.




Radim kindly sent me a copy, which came at the perfect time in my life.

Becoming a part-time freelance designer only recently this book has been a pure inspiration, and the kick I’ve needed to up my game! Although I’ve been a graphic designer for almost 10 years, I’ve clearly got comfortable because of my day job… looking through this book I feel I have some learning to do once again! It’s exciting, and I’m keen to start learning and experimenting once again.

So let me show and tell you a little more about the book…


Book of Ideas by Radim Malinic

The best way to describe this book is a treasure chest of the best portfolio work you could possibly imagine. It’s bright, vibrant, well presented, and everything within it is very well executed. It’s design work from a master! Want to see how to present your design work? You need to check this out…

The book is crammed full of inspirational graphic design work by Radim Malinic that’s simply mindblowing. Every piece is impressive ‘benchmark’ work for any designer.

Now that I have more creative freedom I will certainly work towards building my own design work and portfolio to the same standard. As I like to keep a record of benchmark work, I can continually compare my abilities… this book is a perfect example.

Here’re a few pages inside the book…


Book of Ideas - Page Spread - 01

Book of Ideas - Page Spread - 02

Book of Ideas - Page Spread - 03

Book of Ideas - Page Spread - 04

Book of Ideas - Page Spread - 05


More than just beautiful graphic design…

This book isn’t just a collection of stunning graphic design images… there’s more to it that will inspire and motivate you further.

Throughout the book are stories, thoughts and observations from Radims life and career, covering topics from ‘getting the work you want’, ‘beating the creative block’ to ’turning dust into gold’.

Here’re a few quotes taken from the pages to get you thinking…

” Whatever I do, I want it to be the best piece of work in my portfolio. I don’t believe in just doing mechanical work with no meaning. Creative work should be good for the soul.”

“When it comes to building a showcase portfolio website, it’s wrong to assume images alone will do the talking. The less words there are, the fewer people will find the site through a Google search.”

“We need to start looking at the other worlds around us. Doing that forces you to stop, think and question. When you question everything around you, you get plenty of fresh answers that you can implement in your work”

If you’re keen to grab yourself a copy of ‘Book of Ideas’ you can head over to amazon or buy directly from November Universe, or you can learn more on the book of ideas website.

Thank you Radim for sharing your work, stories and thoughts – it’s inspired me to up my game, and hopefully it will do the same for others.

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