Startup business: Got my logo, now I need a website

When you’re a business start-up, the first thing you’ll be looking for is a logo design. However, once you have your logo the next obvious step is to design a website, but with so many options out there, if you’re not technical or new to the topic it’s daunting to know where to start.

You may consider getting a bespoke design and be prepared to splash out a small fortune, however, there are numerous options out there that will give you a good looking website at a reasonable cost, leaving a larger budget for your logo design and brand identity. Using a template for your logo is a terrible idea, but when it comes to website design, using a template is actually a good idea as they typically follow best practice rules and user expectations to create a good experience for your customers.


I use WordPress for my Website

For my website, I use WordPress, which is an open-source website platform. Open-source software is community built, put together by hundreds of developers around the world. As its open-source, nobody owns it, so anyone can use it.

There are two types. The first is free and is typically used by bloggers. Just visit to get started. The problem is that you don’t have your own website address, but it’s a good way to get a feel for how to use the platform before taking things further.

If you want your own website address with WordPress, then things can get a bit more technical.

Firstly you’ll need to register your domain(which is your web address) with a company such as 123-reg. You’ll also need to have hosting, which is where you will save your website files. With a company like 123-reg, you can purchase your website URL together with your hosting to make things easier. When selecting your hosting, in order to use WordPress, since it’s database-driven you need to have a mySQL database, which can be included as part of a bundle.

Once you have your domain and hosting ready, you can download everything you need on There’s a big blue button top right to download the file, and then follow the Famous 5 Minute Installation, which is fairly easy to follow. WordPress offers a lot of support, so for more details of what you need to do just visit the website.

The benefit to using WordPress is that it offers the ability to easily add plugins, and amazing website themes are also available so you can quickly and easily configure your website for your own requirements. There are also lots of resources available online, so anytime you get stuck, you can just do a quick Google search to get the answers you need.


SquareSpace Website Builder

I’ve not used SquareSpace yet myself, however, I am seriously considering using it for one of my other websites as it looks like a very easy option.

SquareSpace offers an easy to use tool that allows you to select a template, and modify the layout by dragging and dropping the objects. It’s really cost effective too, with prices starting from only $8 a month, which is cheaper than the average web hosting package! You can check out the video below to see just how easy it is!

The only reason why I have not yet used SquareSpace is because I’m very much into my Search Engine Optimisation, and by the look of the tools provided it doesn’t give you the flexibility to add or modify snippets of code. It does, however, give you a very beautiful looking website out of the box, and makes it really easy to manage so it will be an ideal solution for most business looking for a website to get started.

Do you already use a website design service? What would you recommend to new business start-ups? Enter your thoughts, reviews and comments below.

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