Logo & Packaging Redesign for Tanning Water, uGlow.

uGlow is a self tanning water created by professional tanning expert, Louise Cooper.

After 10 years of product development, Ian Paget was approached to redesign the logo and packaging for the product range to prepare it to be sold in high street stores across Europe.

uGlow Logo & Packaging Design by Ian Paget

Designing a new identity for uGlow

Tanning products, both professional and off-the-shelf are known to be messy, leaving stains and marks everywhere. Self tanning products are also know to create a tangerine, artificial skin colour.

To solve these problems, award winning entrepreneur and professional tanning expert Louise Cooper developed uGlow, a clear tanning water that hydrates the skin, whist providing a natural looking tan in 6-8 hours.

uGlow was has been in development for over 10 years, with the first formulation created in 2010. With greater understanding of the skin, the formula has been revised to make use of the latest clear water technology available.

The product was first launched in 2017, making use of a self-designed identity. To help raise the bar, and to align the product with well-know high street cosmetic brands, Ian Paget was hired to design a new logo, and packaging for the uGlow product range.

uGlow Logo Design on Business Card
uGlow Logo Presented on Underground Display Posters

The problems with the previous logo design

When Ian was first approached, uGlow had an existing logo and identity in place.
The following needed to be addressed:

  • The identity was not distinct, own-able or memorable. This is essential in a competitive landscape such as beauty and cosmetics.
  • Being a high-end product, the identity failed to align with the price point and position in the market.
  • The style of the symbol and wordmark were inconsistent. The composition of the combined mark also felt unbalanced. This gave an unprofessional appearance.
  • uGlow is targeted at both men and women, however due to the floral symbol the design lacked the required gender neutral feel.

The logo and identity required a full redesign to resolve these issues.

uGlow Logo Before and After

Designing the uGlow Logo & Packaging

To help communicate the company name visually it felt appropriate that the logo include a distinct glowing U symbol. The final design does just that, whilst also bringing in other symbolic references into a simple, distinct logo:

  • A water droplet to communicate hydration.
  • A rising sun, to reference tanning and a bright new day.
  • An abstract shape of a happy, confident person with their arms wide open enjoying life.

The company name was originally written as 'U Glow' which caused the design to feel optically unbalanced. This was changed to 'uGlow', which felt more elegant, visually more appealing, and more in line with the high-end feel required for the tanning product. A clean, minimal typeface was then selected that helped to communicate the simplicity of using the product.

Ian also worked on the packaging design. As clear water is a core feature of the product it was decided that the bottle be as clear and minimal as possible in order to show off the product.

To keep a minimal, high-end and elegant appearance, the final bottle design includes only the elements that's needed. The logo, product name, and volume on the front, then the rear of the bottle is white, showing the bare minimum information to ensure the product is compliant. This includes directions for use, ingredients, company details and barcode.

The final identity all together forms a clean, minimal and elegant design that aligns the product with well-known cosmetic brands.

uGlow Logo and Packaging Design - Front and Back
uGlow Packaging Presented on Banner Ad
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