A Logo & Catalogue Design for Sterilight Robots.

To help fight the war against Covid-19, MRSA, Noravirus and more, Sterilight Robots provide autonomous robots with mounted UV-C lights, a proven disinfectant against harmful viruses, bacteria, moulds & spores.

Ian Paget was approached to design a logo and marketing brochure for the startup company that would help target medical institutions, enterprise organisations, the education sector, transportation hubs and other companies with indoor environments where people interact.

Sterilight Logo Design on Outdoor Sign

Autonomous UV Robots: The Fight Against Covid-19.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a component of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls in the region between visible light and X-Ray.

There are different types of UV, with one consisting of a shorter, more energetic wavelength, UV-C, which is good at destroying harmful viruses, bacteria, moulds & spores.

With the world facing a global pandemic, UV-C light is being used more than ever to help fight against Covid-19.

As UV-C light can cause harm to eyes and skin, Sterilight Robots have attached the UV-C lights onto fully autonomous robots, enabling them to be operated within an empty room. The robots will autonomously make its way around the space, disinfecting a 25sqm room in 10-15 minutes.

As a new startup, to help attract a wide range of customers, including hospitals, shopping centres and care homes, Ian Paget was hired to design a logo for the business. To assist with the sales and marketing process, Ian was also hired to design an A4 brochure for the autonomous robots.

Sterilight Logo Presented on Business Cards
Sterilight Logo Presented on Caution Banners

A New Name & Logo for Sterilight Robots

When first approached by the new business the proposed company name was 'Autonomous UV Robots'. When a company name is more than 4 syllables customers will reduce down down the name, so being 8 syllables long the proposed name was not ideal for success. It also lacked personality and is neither memorable or distinct, so a new name was needed.

A naming exercise was carried out with the solution formed from a combination of the words 'Sterilise' and 'Light' to create 'Sterilight', a word that instantly describes exactly what the product does. With the addition of the word 'Robots', the name remains descriptive, but is much more memorable, easier to say, and more distinct.

With an elegant descriptive name, it felt appropriate that the company have a distinct logo design that would help to symbolise what the product does.

To achieve this a monogram of the letter S was designed that contains 2 reflected 'spark' shapes. A thinner version at the top to symbolise the use of UV light, with the lower half being thicker to symbolise the wheels of a robot. The combined shapes, which come together at an angle, gives the illusion of forward momentum to help show automation.

As the company will be targeting medical institutions and organisations with communal spaces that require disinfection, I felt the overall design should have a clean, minimal aesthetic. For that reason the symbol is simple and sharp, and is paired with an easy to read sans serif typeface.

The final results is a distinct, memorable name and logo that's incredibly versatile, working at a range of sizes, ensuring the new logo will work effectively for the company today and years into the future.

Sterilight Logo Design on Mug
Sterilight Logo Design on Box

Designing a Sales Catalogue for Sterilight Robots

Being a startup company, Sterilight Robots needed marketing material that could be used to help sell the product and service.

An A4 brochure was designed by Ian Paget, highlighting the benefits of UV-C light, autonomous robots, product features and the locations it can be used. This was supplied as print ready artwork, as well as an optimised PDF version for email use.

The company had a successful launch, being featured in many UK newspapers and media publications including Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Daily Mirror and Daily Star.

Sterilight Brochure Cover
Sterilight Brochure Inside Spread
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