A logo & identity design for Stannard Construction

Stannard Construction, founded by Paul Stannard, is a domestic building contractor who focus on residential extensions, new builds and home refurbishment.

Being a start-up, the new business required a logo, stationery, and an A4 folder designed by Ian Paget that would represent it as a high quality, trustworthy construction company.

Stannard Construction Logo Design - Shown on a Business Card

About Stannard Construction

Known for his high quality workmanship and personal service, Paul Stannard has transformed thousands of properties in and around London, Surrey and Kent, working on the design and construction of attractive paving, driveways, patios and beautiful landscaped gardens.

Taking pride in the service he provides, Paul, with a team of skilled building contractors, helps to make his clients dream home and garden a reality. With the tagline, 'come home to quality', Stannard Construction strive to offer the very best construction service, from design through to build.

Stannard Construction Van Design
Stannard Construction Logo on Posters

Designing the Construction Company Logo

To help design an identity for the new start-up contraction business, Ian Paget was approached to assist with the design of the logo, stationery and vehicle.

The tagline 'Come Home to Quality' was the focus of the final logo design, as presented throughout this page.

Although at first the symbol may appear to be a merely a stylised letter S, there's a hidden message. Look closely at the shape at the top, which is highlighted in orange. This shows a simplified silhouette of a house with a pathway leading into the front door.

This shape has then been copied and flipped beneath, so to communicate a second home or property, with the paths linking together. Combined the shapes form an S shape, whilst also communicating the key message for the business, 'come home to quality'.

The symbol is also angular, giving a symbolic reference to the tools and machinery typically involved in construction work.

The final logo design is clean and modern, allowing the business to stand out from the local competition.

Stannard Construction logo on building site sign

Stationery Design and A4 Folder

Aside from the logo, Ian Paget also designed the stationery for the business, which included business cards, letterhead and an A4 folder that's given to construction clients, to store all supporting documentation for the building work carried out.

Stannard Construction Stationery Design
Stannard Construction A4 Folder Design
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