A Logo Design for Vinyl Cafe, Red Robin Records.

Red Robin Records is a vinyl cafe based in Aberdeen, Scotland, where you can stream music, buy records and enjoy time with friends whilst drinking a cup of freshly roasted coffee.

Ian Paget was approached to design the identity for the startup cafe that could be used within the shop, on takeaway cups, shopping bags and other merchandise.

Red Robin Records Logo Design on Coffee Mug

About Red Robin Records

Within the Aberdeen area, Nick Duthie noticed that there was nowhere to buy a decent cup of coffee. There was also nowhere to listen to new vinyl.

Having worked much of his life in a soul destroying position in the oil and gas industry, Nick dreamed to one day start his own vinyl cafe that would solve the problems he spotted. In April 2019 his dream became a reality.

Nick created Red Robin Records. A place for music lovers where they could relax, listen to good music, purchase vinyl, and enjoy the perfect cup of freshly roasted coffee.

Being a family man, Nick named the company after his daughter Robyn. She was born the previous Christmas, an important time for him and his wife. For that reason, the logo needed to include a red robin.

Being an 80s kid, Nick also wanted a logo for his new cafe that was striking, made bold use of colour, and was cool like the independent record shops of his youth.

This needed to be a logo that people would be proud to wear, to show off, and could be boldly presented on merchandise that would be available for visitors to purchase in the cafe.

Logo Design for Vinyl Cafe, Red Robin Records presented on a bag.

Creating the Logo Design for the Vinyl Cafe

Various logo designs were worked on, but the most effective solution is presented here. It features an illustration of a robin, encased within a circle that spells out the company name.

The simplicity of the illustration, combined with bold colour allows the design to feel cool. This has then been surrounded by a stencil typeface, to give a subtle handmade, personal feel. The circular shape also gives a reference vinyl records.

Red Robin Records Logo Design on Cushions
Red Robin Records Logo on Cafe Store Front

Easy E's Coffee Beans

Within the cafe, they Roast their own coffee. A single origin 100% arabica bean.

Having named the cafe after their daughter, when Nick and his wife had their second child, Ethan, it was inevitable that the coffee bean brand be named after him, and so Easy E's Coffee beans came onto the scene.

As a tribute to 80's rock music, Nick wanted the logo to be extravagant. To feature his son, controlling a mechanical device that could smash the world with coffee!

Keeping in the same style as the main Red Robin logo, Ian designed a logo based on the ideas given, which features Ethan flying what can only be described as a coffee fuelled jet pack, traveling the UK, spraying people directly in the face with coffee.

Easy E's Coffee Beans - Logo Design by Ian Paget
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