Logo Design for Recruitment Agency, People Code.

People Code is a German-based recruitment agency for technology professionals seeking careers at the hottest international start-ups.

Ian Paget was hired to design a new logo for the business that would communicate their unique offering, allow them to stand out, and differentiate from the wide range of recruitment companies online.

People Code Logo Design

About People Code: Technology Recruitment

People Code are a technology recruitment agency with a vision to become Europe’s most successful and trusted International IT Recruitment business who target modern tech firms looking for software developers who want to work with the latest and greatest technology on the market.

With an exceptional technological understanding and ability to listen to and understand both customer and candidate, they find the most compatible match for both.

People Code compete with recruitment companies such as Darwin Recruitment, Robert Half, Hays.com and Vision Recruit, however, being a small business gives them the advantage of being much more efficient and agile, offering a better experience to its clients.

Looking to promote themselves through social media sites such as LinkedIn, a new website and print media means the new logo design needs to be versatile, working at a range of sizes.

People Code Logo on Business Card

The Final Logo Design

The symbol design within the final People Code logo has been carefully thought out to maintain very simple in appearance, whilst having 2 separate meanings:

  • Firstly it represents a developer writing and solving code on a screen. I deliberately avoided using a keyboard and screen with the ever evolving world of computing moving more towards touch screen devices.
  • Secondly, it represents hands pushing 2 items together. On the left, we have the recruiter with the skilled individual, whilst on the right the company with the empty position available. The two hands are coming together to fulfil the requirements of both sides.

The icon is supported by a modern sans-serif font which has an electronic feel to it, providing a visual reference to technology and code.

This final logo is also very versatile in terms of its layout and how it can be applied. For example, it can be used with the symbol above, or to the left of the typography, or it can be used as an identifiable standalone mark.

The logo can also work well on both black, and white background as appropriate.

To see some of the behind-the-scenes design work on this project take a look at my blog post Developing an Identity for People Code.

People Code Logo on Backpack and Tablet Computer Case

Customer Feedback

The customer was very happy with the final design, and has provided the following testimonial:

“Ian designed a new logo and also a banner for our company LinkedIn page. We are very happy with the design process, clear communication and speed of the work. The very detailed requirements gathering document we filled in for Ian actually really helped us to drill down on what we represent as a business and therefore what we want our logo to represent.

Ian was very strategic in his approach, with each stage of the design process being clearly structured in terms of what Ian required from us and what we could expect of him.  This is essential if you are not particularly creative and need some guidance like me! I am sure at some point in the future I will recommend Ian for logo design or similar design work to a friend. He will be our ‘go to man’ for any future design work.”

- Andy Haines | People Code

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People Code Logo Design on and Exhibition Banner
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