Logo Design for Orema

Imagine you work in an industrial sector, such as construction, energy or rail. Sometimes your job may be challenging, and you may be required to perform complex tasks that demand advanced knowledge, and the need to follow precise instructions where, in the event of error, could cause serious injury…

Imagine then if the instructions could present themselves in front of your eyes as you’re working, allowing you to work efficiently and safely without the risk of human error. This is no longer science fiction, but is the type of service that startup Augmented Reality (AR) business Orema provide to its customers.

Orema provide wearable technology that allows augmented reality to fit seamlessly into any industrial workflow. AR technology from Daqri is fused with custom built software to allow businesses to break the ceiling on current constraints in productivity, safety and efficiency.

Ian of Logo Geek was approached by the founder of Orema during the initial stages of starting the business. He was requested to design a professional logo, that would position the company from day one to target international production operators at organisations such as BP, Shell and Total.


Designing a logo for Augmented Reality business Orema


Although from day one a start-up one man business, in order to target large corporate businesses it was essential that Orema presented itself as a credible, trustworthy business from day one. This meant that the logo needed to portray the characteristics of an established organisation, meaning the logo needed to be well designed to be simple, versatile, timeless and… unique.

In greek the word Orema means ‘vision’, which is the primary component of the technology and services provided. Due to this, the concept of vision would drive the design phase.

The final logo includes a simple icon which on first look is merely a circle with a V shape, however, this shape references a number of different attributes related to the business, which include:

  • A monogram of the letter O from the company name, allowing the icon to work as a standalone identifiable asset for the brand.
  • A side-on eye, looking forward, to symbolise new vision.
  • A side-on futuristic space helmet, to symbolise futuristic wearable technology.
  • An arrow entering into a different world.

The icon design has been paired with a customised electronic, futuristic san serif typeface that shares the same weight as the icon to create a uniform entity. This choice allows the business to be immediately related to modern day technology, whilst maintaining characteristics that present the company as established and trustworthy.

The final solution is simple, allowing the logo to be incredibly versatile and timeless, which helps to position Orema as a leader in the industrial AR tech industry.


Professional Logo Design by Ian Paget


Are you a similar technology business also looking for an identity designer to help bring your business identity into the real world? If so, contact Ian to discuss your project.

Orema (Augmented Reality) Logo on Stationery
Orema AR logo on flags
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Orema Logo Design by Ian Paget - Logo Geek