A New Identity for 3D Printers, Hexagon Design Studios.

Hexagon Design Studios provide 3D printed miniature kits for table top gaming, role playing, model collectors and miniature railways.

Being a fan of the technology involved, and the products used by its audience, Ian Paget was the natural fit to be hired to design a creative logo for the startup business that would capture the 3D and customisable aspect of the products manufactured.

Hexagon Design Studios Logo Design on Tshirt

About Hexagon Design Studios

Hexagon Design Studios design and produce high quality war gaming miniatures and accessories, similar to those from 'Games Workshop' and 'Wizards of the Coast'.

Traditional manufacturing methods for table top gaming miniatures use either resin casts or injection moulding. Resin casts from silicon moulds are cost effective and produce high quality casts, but can only be used up to 20 times. In comparison, plastic injection moulds allow for high production runs, but expensive machinery is required.

Hexagon Design Studios intend to disrupt this hobbyist industry using 3D technology, which offers the best of both production methods.

Using modern 3D printing methods, combined with bespoke machines, the company are able to produce moulds quickly for a similar cost and quality to resin casting, but with the capacity to manufacture products in the thousands.

Thanks to 3D printing customers are also able to customise the miniatures and design their own, allowing hobbyist the ability create what they want and how they want it, at a reasonable price.

As a new startup, the 3D printing firm required a logo that would communicate its 3D capabilities, whilst targeting the enthusiasts who enjoy collecting, modelling, painting and playing table top games.

Hexagon Design Studios New Logo on Mug

A Logo Design for 3D Printing Business

The final logo designed by Ian Paget, presented throughout this page, includes a unique and identifiable symbol that represents a number of characteristics related to the 3D printing business.

The two dimensional shape has a three dimensional feel to it, with the left part coming towards the viewer, and the right moving away.

It's also a form that you can imagine being 3D printed, to pick up and interact with, helping to reference model making.

The same symbol also forms a hexagon shape, as well as a letter H to directly reference the word 'Hexagon' within the company name.

To pair with the symbol a san serif typeface has been carefully selected to share similar overall characteristics, but it also has a mechanical feel to help reference the modern technology behind 3D printing.

The gradient colour of blue to magenta has been selected to allow the business to feel modern, creative, friendly and fun, whilst maintaining a professional overall feel.

The final design is incredibly versatile, working effectively in full colour on both a black and white background, in single colour, and at a range of sizes, from the largest to incredibly small sizes, meaning it will be immediately recognisable from a distance.

Hexagon Design Studios Logo Design on Display Banner

Business Card Design

To enable the start up business to promote its services early on, a business card was also designed for the 3D printing business, which has been presented below. On the reverse, the card includes QR codes for both the business website, and instagram page allowing the tech savvy audience to quickly access the available platforms using their mobile device.

Business Card Designed for Hexagon Design Studios
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