A new logo for urban streetwear brand ‘Eternal Skol’

Eternal Skol is a high-end urban streetwear brand who design and sell bespoke hats and snapbacks. To help bring their vision to life, the owner of the new fashion startup contacted Ian Paget of Logo Geek to design a new logo for the business.

Eternal Skol Logo Design on Hoodie

Designing a logo for an urban fashion brand

As a brand led business, the logo will be used on all clothing released by the company. Therefor it was essential that the logo be incredibly versatile, so to work effectively on the front of clothing, on packaging, as well as on the smallest items such as buttons and zippers.

Within a competitive market sector of fashion, the logo also needed to be unique and identifiable to ensure the new business would have the greatest opportunity to thrive and grow. This meant finding the perfect logo design solution an exciting creative challenge.

Eternal Skol brand identity used on cap

Discovering the new identity through research

During the design phase, after researching the meaning of the term Skol it was discovered that Vikings, when in battle would urge each other forward by yelling “SKOL”, and by doing so they were telling each other to keep it up so they could drink from the skull of the Vanquished that night. Working with this concept in mind, the logo design presented here was developed.

A semicircle was used in the lower part of the logo to symbolically represent the lopped off skull, tipped over ready to be drank from. A custom typeface was then designed to fit the word Skol within this shape, then a highly condensed typeface was used for the word Eternal, which sits above to create a unique composition.

Eternal Skol - Business Card Design

Not only is the final solution a meaningful representation of the words used, but the combination of the lower curved shape mixed with a condensed and impactful typeface makes this design look stylish, and also uniquely identifiable in the marketplace. This allows the new startup to differentiate from other clothing retailers within the urban streetwear fashion sector.

The design is very simple and can be used in any colour and size allowing the logo to work to the demands of a fashion led business.
Eternal Skol Logo Design
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