A Logo for CCAIM, a Virtual Centre at The University of Cambridge.

Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine (CCAIM) is a virtual centre at The University of Cambridge, created to develop pioneering AI and machine learning technologies that will transform biomedical science, medicine and healthcare delivery.

Ian Paget was approached to design a logo for the new centre that would help to attract collaborators, build partnerships with healthcare providers, and raise its profile within the global AI/ML community.

Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine (CCAIM) logo on building exterior

About Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine

Through world-leading research CCAIM are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to turbocharge medical discovery and revolutionise healthcare delivery.

Directed by award winning professor, Mihaela van der Schaar, CCAIM aim to harness the power of AI and machine learning for a breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of complex diseases, with the more immediate goal of transforming personalised healthcare delivery.

Delivering a big impact in healthcare would be impossible without a growing list of partnerships with key healthcare industry players, including the NHS, Public Health England, and industry giants GSK and AstraZeneca.

With a strong interest in science, and having previously worked as the lead designer on projects for GSK, Ian Paget was approached to design a logo for the centre that would allow it to differentiate in an industry that's moving exceedingly fast, help attract further partners and be recognised as an international leader in AI and Machine Learning.

CCAIM Business Card Design

Designing a Logo for CCAIM

Artificial intelligence & machine learning is an industry flooded with logos featuring split brain imagery, causing it to become cliche. For this reason, to enable CCAIM to stand out from the growing competition, the logo needed to use a unique symbol. But what would be an effective solution?

In the context of CCAIM, AI and machine learning isn't primarily about intelligent machines. Instead they use cunning data science to discover insights from complex data. This became the source of inspiration for the final logo... The study of complex data, to create "visibility to information" that can be communicated to the world.

CCAIM Logo on Pocket Books
CCAIM Logo Design used on a T-shirt

The Final CCAIM Logo Explained

The final logo for CCAIM, as presented throughout this page, includes a carefully designed symbol featuring the following:

  • At the core is a cube, to symbolise machine learning.
  • An eye to communicate the visibility that AI and machine learning provides.
  • Incoming lines to show the input of data, with outgoing lines to symbolise the communication of discoveries 'seen'.
  • The design includes shapes that reference biomedical science, helping to show the bridge between the complex fields of AI, and medicine.
  • The construction of the symbol is also very precise, as though by machine. The design also makes use of the golden ratio, a reference to mathematics.

To support the symbol, a slab serif typeface was selected due to its 'electronic' characteristics, which further help to reference machine learning and AI.

CCAIM Logo on ID Card
Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine (CCAIM) logo on flags
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