Logo Design for Blue Inspiration, Science Publication.

Blue Inspiration are a marine science consultation and publications business who are working to make specialist information accessible to the general public.

A logo was required for the startup science organisation that would capture the essence of what lies beneath the ocean, give a professional corporate feel, whilst being fun, creative and inspiring.

Blue Inspiration - Science Logo Design on Business Card

About Blue Inspiration

Scientific papers are often very specialist publications. This means that they're difficult to access by the average person, and hard to understand.

But the information, discoveries and results obtained through study is invaluable to the world. Blue inspiration, founded by Susan Heaney, aims to change this by improving ocean literacy for the world.

Through books, exhibition design and consultation, Blue Inspiration aims to make marine science accessible to the general public, in an engaging, fun way.

The first publication released that demonstrates this was 'Explore Our Shore, A Simple Guide to Identifying Some of the Seaweeds, Plants and Animals from the Rocky Shores of Northern Ireland.'

Blue Inspiration Logo on T-shirt

Designing the logo for Blue Inspiration

To allow the business to be instantly recognisable, Blue Inspiration wanted a logo design that inspired the essence of what lies beneath the ocean.

The design needed to be approachable and fun, whilst retaining the feel of a serious established scientific organisation.

The final logo, designed by Ian Paget, features a carefully designed B monogram. On first look it's merely a carefully crafted letter B, however, look again and you'll see the form creates a shell. This symbolises the sea-life that sits on the ocean floor. The curled shape also forms a wave, allowing a single shape to represent the ocean, from the waves at the surface, down to the marine life deep  on the marine sands.

Blue Inspiration Science Publication Design

Testimonial from Ocean Scientist, Susan Heaney

“I am absolutely delighted with my company logo which was created by Ian at Logo Geek. He took the time to ask all of the right questions so that he could create a multifaceted logo which reflected the different aspects of my business. Ian was an absolute pleasure to work at every stage of the creative process, and I will be recommending him to everyone!”

Blue Inspirations Logo Design on a Billboard Sign
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