Designing a logo & identity for Astro Blue Properties.

Astro Blue Properties are a Residential Letting and Property Management company based in Didsbury, Manchester UK.

Having strong ambitions to create a fun and exciting way of finding a new home online, Ian Paget was approached to design the logo and identity for the new estate agent that would stand out from its ‘old school’ competitors.

Astro Blue Estate Agent To Let Sign Design

A logo design for Astro Blue Properties

Referencing the word Astro, the logo has been designed to feature an outer space theme. This allowed me to design a creative, fun and playful identity for the business that would stand out from the more traditional estate agents within the Manchester area.

The symbol includes a rocket to symbolise the journey to finding a new home, however upon closer inspection you will notice that the shape is intwined with a house, allowing the logo to cleverly reference both Astro, and property too.

Due to the company name including the word Blue I felt it essential that the identity feature the colour.

The problem with this is that on its own blue feels too cold and corporate for the brand based on its goals. To overcome this, and to add a more playful aesthetic, using reference images of deep space a secondary pink colour was introduced which also gave a warmer, friendlier, homely feel to the identity, whilst still maintaining a strong Astro theme.

Astro Blue Properties logo on a mug
Astro Blue Estate Agent logo on Tote Bag

Creating an instantly recognisable To-Let sign

The space theme continues into the To Let signs.

The signs will be seen from a distance so it was key that the design be fairly minimal, and that the messaging, telephone and website address are prominent. To ensure memorability, it was also important that there were distinct visual elements within the board design that would be immediately recognisable.

To aid recognition from a distance, the logo is contained within a white circle positioned to the upper right corner, which also references a planet, moon or star. The gradient colour, which is also distinct and recognisable then fades out from this to represent deeper space.

To enhance the space theme small stars twinkle across the board without cluttering the overall design.

Astro Blue To Let Sign Design
Holding Astro Blue To Let Sign - Designed by Ian Paget

Using the same aesthetic, a business card and social media banners were also designed as part of the identity which can be seen in the images below.

Astro Blue Properties Business Card Design
Astro Blue Properties - Facebook Page Designs
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