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Logo Sketches Made By James

An interview with
James Martin


If you like to peek inside a designers sketchbook you need to be aware of Made By James. That’s the instagram account from graphic designer James Martin who’s feed is full of stunning logo design development work.

In this weeks episode Ian interviews James to find out how these sketches are created. We also dive into his logo design process, his approach with grids and the tools used. We also learn how he became a designer and how he founded his own design agency Baby Giant.

James Martin Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: You run your own agency, Baby Giant. I understand that prior to that, you worked for a company. Can we discuss those early days? What was it that you was doing at that time and what made you start your own thing?

James Martin: So, basically, I was actually at uni at the time and this must have been like early mid 20s, at uni. Had a little part-time job at a local café, just to bring some money in, all the rest of it. And one of the guys who used to come in, knew a guy who had a design agency. I was obviously seeing the guy quite a lot. And basically said maybe I’ll go and chat to them and they set me up the opportunity. But before that, knocking on doors getting nothing. But I always wanted to get into that kind of… it’s better to make money in an industry that I wanted to make money in, or even get the experience than anything else.