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Starting a Design Side Hustle with Scotty Russell

An interview with
Scotty Russell


If you want to start your own design business the recommended approach for most is to start it as a side hustle whilst your 9-5 job brings in the money. But how do you make time around a full time job? and how do you reach your goals?

In this weeks episode Ian speaks to Scotty Russell, the founder of Perspective Collective, a business he built and run on the side of a full time job. We discover how he built his own personal brand, how he makes time with a family, goal setting and more.

Through Perspective Collective Scotty helps creatives find their gift, establish a side hustle and win the battle against their inner critic with a podcast, community and coaching.

Scotty Russell Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I’ve been following you a while now, and recently found out that Perspective Collective was a side venture for you, although I now know that your situation just changed. What have you been doing full-time until now?

Scotty Russell: For the past five years, I’ve been working at a large corporation. I jumped into a web design role because I saw a need of it. Recently I’ve been a senior web designer, focusing in UI/UX world, for the day job, as well as I was the go-to guy for illustrations and any kind of branding logo design. It’s like the stuff that you’re passionate about and geek out over is the stuff I still do, too. I just don’t show it as much.

Recently, there was widespread budget cut, and our whole marketing department was eliminated. That put me in a weird situation, but as we work through it and I’m speaking to the future in just two weeks into it right now, which would be a month into it, it’s been pretty much the biggest blessing in disguise. Starting the new year, when I’m through my severance package, I’m going to be going full-time me.