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Scale Your Design Business

An interview with
Greg Hickman


Most designers work 1-on-1 with clients on custom projects based on their requirements. This means every new project is like starting from scratch… new proposals, contracts, emails and design work – most of which can never be used again since it’s tailored to that one client.

For most that approach is fine, but if you want to build a business that’s both profitable and scalable, there’s a better way. To grow your design business, you need to implement productised services using predictable systems. But how? On this weeks episode, Ian interviews Greg Hickman to find out.

Greg Hickman is the founder of AltAgency, a business helping agency owners, freelancers and service providers grow and scale their business without working nights and weekends.

Greg Hickman Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: You teach agency owners and designers how to productise and scale their businesses using predictable systems. To give some background to this, what’s the problem with serving each client differently based on their personal requirements?

Greg Hickman: So it’s a little bit of a loaded question, but in a general sense, as the story unfolds as I’ve seen talking to other agency owners. Starting from scratch on every project becomes cumbersome and really, really laborious. That means it takes longer to fulfil and get each client what it is that they need, and what they came to you for. Usually the result, the reason that this happens is that traditional agencies, as I’ll call it for the sake of the conversation, are offering just too wide of services. Oftentimes in their proposal client getting sales process, the client is actually dictating which of those services they want, and which combination from the service menu. When you are trying to fulfil on that as especially an agency in the early days, you typically don’t have all those resources to do those things.