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An interview with
Mark Des Cotes


Mark Des Cotes is a well known podcaster in the design industry, being the host of The Resourceful Designer Podcast.

After several years of attending podcasting conferences to learn more about the craft, as a way to attract potential clients from the events he created a new brand for himself, where he was positioned as the go-to designer for any podcast design requirements. And so the niche design service, Podcast Branding was born.

In this episode we discover how Mark founded Podcast Branding along side his main design practice, how and why he treats the service as a product and how he targets potential clients too.

We also discuss the value of creating a niche design business, with actionable advice to help and inspire you to do the same.

Mark Des Cotes Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: Most people listening, if they're already aware of you, they'll be aware of the Resourceful Designer podcast, but if they do listen to that, they'll also be aware that you run your own business called Podcast Branding. And that was something I really wanted to talk about, because on the podcast we've spoken a couple of times about niching down, and I've seen a handful of people in the design space do it really well and this is one of the better examples that I've seen because you really honed it down.

So as an opening question for this, why did you choose to go down the route of podcast branding and create, which is your company website?

Mark Des Cotes: Yeah, well, thanks for having me on the podcast, Ian. In all honesty, I didn't choose that niche, it chose me. As you're aware, I've been podcasting since 2013. Resourceful Designer, my graphic design-related podcast, where I help people run and operate a graphic design business, I've been running that one since 2015 and part of being a podcaster, I attended podcast conferences.

I wanted to grow as a podcaster, learn more, so I started attending these conferences and just generically through that, when people would find out, "Oh, you're a designer? Could you maybe help me out with this?" So I started here and there doing podcast artwork for people or helping them with their website because my background is both graphic and web design.