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Talking Logo Lounge & Logo Trends

An interview with
Bill Gardner


In this episode of the Logo Geek Podcast, Ian chats with Bill Gardner, the founder of corporate/brand identity design firm Gardner Designs as well as Logo Lounge, the searchable logo design database who release an annual trend report for graphic designers. Bill is also the author of Logo Creed, which is a fantastic read. We discuss Logo Lounge and the annual logo design trend report.

Bill Gardner Interview Transcription

Bill Gardner: LogoLounge is a site for inspiration and a resource for designers of identity to submit their works and it's highly searchable so that you can go in and search logos by their designer or their keywords, or the industry they're in, or the time period, or originalities, it's just very deep as far as your research capability when you're working on an identity. But when we do a report, and we do it annually, we take all the logos since the last report that had been uploaded. And this particular year, that's 25,000 logos that have been submitted since the last report that we had done, which was a year hence. And I literally, I take a break from my family, I literally go through every single one of the logos that has been submitted. And I pull off every logo that has some quasi unique aspect to it, some nuance to it that I'm not familiar with. And this year, it turned into a file folder of 1,800 of those 25,000 logos.

Then I pick those over into Illustrator and start to lay all of that on the page in 10 by 10 grids. And I play the world's largest version of Match Game. Are you familiar with Match Game?