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Building a Million Dollar Agency from Zero

An interview with
Mash Bonigala


In 2012 when Google changed its algorithm, the company Logo Design Works went from having hundreds of enquiries a day, to almost zero. The founder Mash Bonigala hit rock bottom, and ultimately needed to let his team go. He made the decision to start again under the parent name of Spellbrand, which he built up to become a million dollar agency with offices in 5 countries around the world.

In this episode Ian interviews Mash to learn how he built the business up from scratch, what the agencies sales funnels look like and how they use Facebook and Google Ads to pull in ongoing clients.

Mash Bonigala Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: SpellBrand has been around for years. There’s an incredible amount of work and a huge amount of content on the website too, so it feels really established. I’d love to hear your story. Can you share with us how you went about building SpellBrand?

Mash Bonigala: Now, SpellBrand is actually the third avatar, so to speak. I started as a graphic designer, of course. Freelancer. And then I started a small graphic design firm, a logo firm called Logo Design Works. This is going back years and years and years. It was with a partner back in Sarasota, Florida, and really it was one of the first, I would say, logo design online websites. There were very few at that time and initially we had a lot of success as Logo Design Works, and although we were doing a number of other things, it was primarily driven by logo designing. There were a few competitors, but it was sort of quite an open field at that time.