Portofino Trading Limited

A new logo design was created for Portofino Trading Limited, who are a medium sized B2B business who sell promotional giveaways, which include stress balls, BBQs, suitcases and flasks. Aside from this the business also supplies electronic goods such as iPads, iPhones and tablets computers. Offering a ‘one stop shop’ for sales promotions at a competitive price whilst being high quality and reliable. The business aims to build relationships and develop long term strategies, working in a transparent way with honesty and integrity.

The challenge was to design a logo which worked well for both promotional items as well as electronic goods, yet I also wanted to present the business to be professional and established to reflect its ethos.

Following a thought exercise I discovered that in its most basic form, the Portofino Trading Ltd product offering (be it promotional items or technology) helps business build connections to grow and succeed. I designed an icon to represent the idea of being ‘continuously connected’, growing, adapting and developing. The final design represents an Interlocking chain that never ends, whilst also looking like a propeller to represent the success a business will have with the support and guidance from Portofino Trading Ltd. This icon also represents the companies ability to build relationships, and quickly adapt and see trends.

Overall the new logo design is confident and timeless and gives the impression of an established and trustworthy business.

Portofino Trading Logo on billboard Portofino Trading Logo on busines card Portofino Trading Logo on tshirt
Portofino Trading Limited Logo Design