Pleasant Purchase Logo Design

A new logo has been designed for Pleasant Purchase who are a start-up business that sells jewellery, gifts and antiques at a bargain price to an online audience.

Although the business is prominently online, I wanted to create a logo which could form a brand identity which feels like a small, independent ‘rustic’ antique store – the type of small shop which is fairly dark, with attachments on the walls and things hanging from the ceiling. To create this type of identity, I was keen to create an icon which would have the feeling of an antique piece of jewellery or art in its own right, which could be used as a stamp on products and packaging.


Designing a luxury icon for Pleasant Purchase

I initially started exploring concepts using the letter P as the basis for the design. I discovered then when rotated to an angle, and then reflected, the double ‘P’ shape resembles an owl’s face (eyes and beak). I liked the concept of using an owl as a brand component for the business as I imagined the character sitting and looking out for high-quality bargain products – it would lend itself well to the feel I wanted to get across, and would work well as a luxury icon too.

Using this ‘reflective P owl’ concept as a foundation I worked on various owl designs, with the aim of creating an icon which could be reproduced as an item of jewellery. The final outcome presented to the right is a very stylised, beautiful icon which is very classy in appearance, and has a luxury feel to it. The gold icon can be printed using gold foil to really add impact. A serif font was selected to work with the icon, which portrays the business as an elegant, established organisation.

The customer was very happy with the final logo design, providing the below feedback during the final stages of the project:

I’m going to place a full page spread on my website orientated around this logo design. Quite simply put, I’ve been so pleased with the services rendered thus far, my aim with this spread is that others might read and further more be enthused to contact you for assistance.

If you would like to see further examples, please take a look at my logo design portfolio. If however, you would like me to design a logo for your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Pleasant Purchase Logo on Box

Pleasant Purchase Logo on Billboard

Pleasant Purchase Logo on Bag

Pleasant Purchase Logo Design