Lui Chocolate Logo Design

Lui is a luxury chocolate boutique based in Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic.

Their speciality is Choco Art – Unique handmade chocolate works designed to clients specifications. Designed by Master Chocolatier Július Fulop, and made from high-quality Belgian chocolate, the work produced is among the finest of its type in the Czech Republic.

The company name was formed as a minimised version of the founder’s name, Július, so it was requested that the logo contains a hidden J to reference this. I explored various routes, however, to maintain good overall balanced composition, and to keep the design simple, the most suitable hidden location for this was within the U. To include this, a custom typeface was designed and was carefully illustrated to give each letter the same uniform weight.

As an artist, a signature style of the chocolatiers work is floral, and flowers play a primary role in most of the artists work. Because of this, I was keen to also include this signature style as a reference in the logo, which sits centrally above the typeface.

The final logo design is simple, sophisticated, elegant, and has a strong personal connection with the business founder through hidden meaning and references to signature styles.

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Lui Logo Design on Store Front

Lui Logo Design on Box

Lui Logo Design on Bag

Lui Logo Design