Curious Alice in Wonderland

A new logo design has been created for ‘Curious Alice In Wonderland’ who are start-up London-based business that sells erotic books and literature, as well as being a community who offer regular book clubs and events for women. The companies ethos and tagline are ‘Curious Women Unleashing Taboos. Open Talk. Friendly Events’

Although designed for an erotic led company it was essential that the logo design target professional, respectable women from the age of 24 onwards, as well as promote a trustworthy quality business with excellent customer service, providing luxury products beautifully wrapped, and delivered on time.

I made the decision to play on the white rabbit theme from the Alice in Wonderland stories. Where does the white rabbit take Curious Alice as she grows into an adult? Continuously, and playfully running ahead throughout her life. A playful, yet elegant font was crafted to compliment the icon. The final designed logo is presented on the right.

As part of every logo design project a logo user-guide is put together. The guide for this project has been featured on the logo design user-guide example page.

Curious Alice Logo design on sign Curious Alice Logo design on bag
Curious Alice Logo design on tshirt