Chocolate Shop Logo Design

A new logo has been designed for Choco Coeur, a family owned chocolate shop based in the heart of the Czech Republic.


About Choco Coeur: The Family Owned Chocolatiers

Located on the grounds of a historic mansion, the family hand make every chocolate they sell, frequently creating their own unique recipes. Aside from luxurious chocolates with fillings, the chocolatiers also specialise in Choco-Art, creating impressive sculptures to order, completely made by hand using only chocolate.

As one of the leading chocolatiers in the Czech Republic, it was essential that the new logo design correctly reflected the chocolate business.


Designing the Chocolate Shop Logo

As the business is based on historic grounds I wanted to design a brand identity that had a vintage feel to it, to also reflect the traditional chocolate techniques used. Both the chocolates made and the shop interior  have a luxurious art nouveau style to it, which was a look I was keen to enhance with the new logo.

One of the very first art pieces designed by the chocolatiers included the silhouette of a female, with hair that flowed like pouring chocolate, and was made up of shapes that looked organic and leaf-like. This sculptured piece of art was a perfect symbol for the business in every sense, as it not only represented a landmark in the history of the business but was also relevant to the look and feel I wanted for the chocolate shop.

The final logo design presented on the right makes use of the icon influenced by the art piece mentioned above, which has an art nouveau feel to it, with a supporting font which works in harmony with the symbol to enhance its composition and appearance.

If you are a chocolate shop and need a logo design for your business, please get in touch. I’d love to hear your chocolate story (free chocolate samples are very welcome!).

Chocolate Shop Logo Design on Billboard
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