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Showing the Value of Design

An interview with
Aarron Walter


In order to be respected as a designer you need to be able to show the value of design. But how do you do that? In this weeks episode Ian interviews Aarron Walter to find out. In this interview we learn how designers can gain the respect of business owners, how to measure the success of a project, Aarrons approach to UX design, and how you can use emotion to create incredible user experiences.

Aarron Walter is VP of Design Education at InVision, host of The Design Better Podcast, founder of the UX practice at MailChimp, and author of a number of publications including the book, Designing for Emotion.

Aarron Walter Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: When I was preparing for this interview, I made sure to look at everything about you, your website, and so on. I understand that this is quite an interesting topic for you. I wanted to start off with this, and ask you your opinion. What value can designers bring when they have a seat at the table within a business?

Aarron Walter: Well, they can bring a lot. Designers have a lot of unique skills, in that we tend to be pretty good at turning abstract ideas and concepts into something concrete that others can see. When others can see that, they can start to ideate together, they can start to think about business models around that, and you can start to create something that helps everyone have a shared vision of this is where we’re headed together. I think that’s a very powerful thing that design can offer.

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