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The UX Design Process

An interview with
Miriam Isaac


In this weeks podcast Ian interviews Miriam Isaac, a user experience designer to uncover the process behind the design of digital products. We learn her approach to research, discover her process for wire-framing, prototyping, the UX tools used and more!

Miriam Isaac Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I want to ideally spend the bulk of the time with you discussing your UX design process, but I think before we get into that, a debate I constantly see come up online in communities is the difference between UX and UI. Can you clarify what the difference is between the two?

Miriam Isaac: So traditionally, UX and UI design work were classed as being two different protocols. I believe that UI is part of UX, because UX is the whole experience one feels when you interact with a project, and that includes the interface, which is the buttons, the styling, the typography and the colours of an application.

We had to go with this way because we had to establish UX as a completely new industry and vertical because we've come from being web designers, and we needed to establish this new thing called UX and establish that this had more depth to it than just the interface of the project because at the time it was still quite surface level, but as technology became more advanced and there was more advanced interactions, we needed to take a step back and learn how to do those interactions and learn things like how do people interact with external stimuli?

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