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How Gavin Strange Became Designer & Director at Aardman Animations

An interview with
Gavin Strange


This week Ian interviews Gavin Strange, Director & Designer for Aardman Animations by day, and by night he runs JamFactory, where he works on a number of passion side projects including film making, toy design, illustration, photography and more! We talk about the journey Gavin took to get his job with Aardman, his side projects, design process, his thoughts on uni and much more.

Gavin Strange Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: I understand that you didn’t go to university, but you’ve been able to work your way up to become a graphic designer and director for Aardman Animations. Could you talk through your journey to how you was able to get into that position?

Gavin Strange: Yeah, sure. I’ll try, and give you the relatively short version because I do get excited and go off on…

Ian Paget: No, it’s fine. You can go into it in as much detail as you want.

Gavin Strange: Okay. Tangent it is. I’ll go right back to school. I just wasn’t someone that was in particularly academically gifted. I liked school, and I always liked learning and things like that, but I just never measured greatly against tests. I was never really bad, but I was never really good. I was just somewhere in the middle … just very mediocre, and that just meant that I had very mediocre aspirations because I just didn’t know what the world expected of me, almost. You know. So I was always just going from next step to next step.

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