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Client Horror Stories: Halloween Special

An interview with
Logo Geeks


On this weeks Halloween Special episode, Ian speaks to members of the Logo Geek Community who share their client horror stories and the lessons learned.

Thank you to Katie Cope, Ephraim Schum, John Bermudes, Carol Lopes and Arun Sharma for sharing your nightmare stories!

Halloween Special Podcast Transcription

Ian Paget: Hey, Logo Geeks. It's Ian Paget here back after a short break with a new look and new music too, which I'm really exited about. I think it helps to give the podcast so much more character and, hopefully, helps to take the show to that next level.

I'm going to be talking about audio branding on an upcoming episode with the team who helped to create the music, but this week, as it's Halloween, this is a themed episode where I will be chatting to a handful of different people from the Logo Geek community about their client horror stories. This is going to be a little bit of fun, but after each story, we'll discuss the lessons learned from the experience, which I hope will help you avoid the same terrible situations.