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Creating Distinct Audio Branding

An interview with
Drop Music Branding


When most of us think about branding we picture logos, fonts, images and colour. But with a TV in most peoples homes, and mobile devices in peoples pockets everywhere they go, sound and video have become increasingly important for businesses globally.

With so much opportunity to be heard through a wide range of platforms, having a consistent audio brand across video and audio is key to aid recognition and to stand out and differentiate from the competition.

In this weeks episode Ian's joined by the team from Drop Music Branding; Mauro González, Dalmiro Lacaze and Gabriel Agüero, where we discuss Audio Branding, the process to create a distinct sound for a brand, and we go behind the scenes on the creation of the new Logo Geek audio too.

Interview Transcription

Ian Paget: When people talk about branding, or brand identity, most people are thinking about the visuals, so things like logo design, and colours, and fonts, and stuff like that. But something a lot of people don't necessarily think about, I didn't myself, is audio branding. And that's something that I know that you guys specialise in. So I think I want to spend the bulk of the time we have now talking about audio branding. You guys help me create the music for this podcast as well, so I think, as an opening question for listeners, why would someone need audio branding?

Gabriel Agüero: Okay, first of all, Ian, I wanted to say thank you, and thank you for having us on the show.

Ian Paget: You're very welcome.

Gabriel Agüero: We're very proud of being here, and we are very proud of having worked with you and your amazing brand, that is this podcast and you as a design agency, a branding agency. So first of all, I think that, from in the times of today, nowadays, we are going through a phase where every brand, serious brand, has already developed visual branding. And that's why I think audio brand, it's actually the present and the future of how brands will differentiate themselves from each other.

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