Lily Lane Beauty Salon

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A new logo has been designed for Lily Lane, a start-up beauty salon based in Crowthorne, Berkshire. During the initial stages of setting up the business the business contacted Logo Geek to design their new logo, which will be used on the store front and on promotional marketing materials.

With a prominently female audience and based in an affluent area, it was essential that the logo design be elegant and portray the business as high quality, elegant and trustworthy.

About Lily Lane: Beauty Salon

The salon purchased for the new business was previously owned and ran poorly forcing it to go into administration. With bad press and unsatisfied customers the new start-up business needed a new identity which would change customer attitude, and convey trust.

The Lily Lane service would be high quality, with a personal approach beyond that of a traditional beauty salon, with treatments based on clients seeing actual results.

Affordable luxury is the key aim for the business, offering a place where customers can relax and have beauty treatments which make them look and feel good.

The Final Designed Salon Logo

During the design phase I was keen to design a Lily icon for the beauty salon which would unique and memorable, which can be used on social media sites, as well as window prints. The final icon was carefully crafted to be beautifully elegant and uniquely stylized, with a vintage floral illustration to expand the design. The font was selected to support the icon to be modern and clean appearance, providing a real sense of elegance.

The final logo design presented on the right represents the new business as a high-end, luxurious beauty salon.

If you own a beauty salon, and require a logo designer to work on a logo for your business, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Lily Lane - Beauty Salon Logo Design

Lily Lane - Logo design on bag

Lily Lane Salon Logo Design