What do I get?

You’ll work directly with me, Ian Paget throughout the whole process. I have written and designed everything you see on this website, so you can be confident of the quality of service provided. When you go with an agency you have no idea who will be working on your logo design. You may have been sold by the lead designer, but the intern may end up working on your project.


Goal Orientated Logo Design Process

At the start of a logo design project, I will work with you to create a concise list of objectives for the logo. This allows me to focus my design decisions to ensure the final design fulfils its purpose and to add value to your business.

I will present 3 logo designs to you and will explain how I have met each objective to assist you to make the most suitable decision. You can have unlimited revisions if required.

Take a look at an example logo design project here.

Some other logo designers, particularly the cheaper options out there, simply create a ‘pretty image’ without any consideration of business goals or your target audience, which could cause damage in the long term. Effective identity design changes people’s perception of a business, which will help to increase the volume of sales and enquiries, so it’s worth investing in this stage to get it right.

You can read about my logo design process by clicking on this link.


What do you get at the end of the logo design project?

Your logo design will be provided in several file formats, allowing you business to grow. These includes:

  • CMYK version – Printed documents are made up of 4 colours; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). This version will be ideal on any printed literature where full-colour photos are used. I will provide a CMYK version as both a Vector (EPS) and Raster (TIFF) to give flexibility across professional design software and office based software such as Word or PowerPoint.
  • Pantone colour version – Design permitting, this format is ideal for single or 2 colour literature, pens and stationery where print costs are limited. This will be provided in Vector (EPS) format.
  • Pure black version – Like it says, this version is a pure black-and-white version of your logo. This is ideal for black and white, or single colour documents. Provided in Vector (EPS) format.
  • Pure white knockout – Want to use your logo on a dark photo, or on a solid dark colour? A white version solves colour and visibility issues to give the best result. Provided in Vector (EPS) format.
  • RGB version – Unlike print colours, screen colours are made up of Red, Green and Blue, mixing the light of each colour to make up the full colour spectrum. Your logo will be provided as an optimised RGB Jpeg file format for web and screen use.
  • Favicon – If you look within the tab of this web page you will see a small icon. This icon is known as a favicon. A 16×16 favicon of your logo will be created for use on your website.
  • A PDF User Guideline Document – A document displaying how to use the final agreed logo design.


If you want to know more about logo design, or are interested in getting started, simply contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help.