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A logo that targets the correct market and broadcasts the right message WILL make your business more profitable. I want to help you make that happen.

No matter how good your company, product or service, if the logo design doesn’t correctly reflect who you are the company is likely to struggle. This may sound like strong words, but the wrong brand identity will attract the wrong audience. Your valuable time and money will then be spent dealing with the wrong people, which is a costly problem. I use a goal orientated design process to ensure your logo performs for your business.

VPurple Logo Design
Bathily Logo Design
PeopleCode Logo Design
Portofino Trading Limited Logo Design

Goal orientated logo design process

Before working on any designs, I work closely with my clients to create a concise list of objectives, which form goals which the logo needs to achieve. This ensures the logos created will perform for the business, and will also help my clients make a constructive decision about their new identity. When the designs are presented, I will explain how these goals have been achieved, and advise suitable direction for the highest success rate.

If you would like to find out more details about my logo design process click here.

There are far too many identity designers in the world that make ‘pretty’ pictures, instead of logo design that achieve goals, so instead I offer a more valuable service which helps business’s make more money.


Examples of my identity design work

I’ve been lucky enough to work with companies around the world, across several market sectors. Below are a few examples of my work, however, if you would like to see more please take a look at my logo design portfolio.

Luxury Restaurant Guide logo design
Scitee logo design
Lui Logo Design on Store front
AngloForma Logo Redesign - Tshirt and Badge

What do you get?

Once the logo design is complete I will supply your new identity in various formats suitable for both digital and print-based application. I ensure to consider the various applications you will use the design, so also include single colour versions (both black and white), as well as ‘Spot colour’ versions to allow for cost effective printing when it’s needed. The file formats provided will be in scalable vector format (ai, EPS and PDF) as well as raster-based images for online used (Jpeg and PNG).

I design the logos bespoke for you, therefor you will own full copyright to the final design.

I understand that businesses need to work with various designers, studios, and creatives, therefore to help maintain consistency I also supply a logo usage document, which details the fonts, colours, sizes and other relevant details.


Manchester, UK based Brand Identity Designer

My names Ian Paget, I am a professional logo designer with over 10 years graphic design experience, based in Manchester UK, who freelances under the name of Logo Geek. I love and appreciate brand identity design, and my aim is to create award winning, awe inspiring logos.

I’m confident I can design the perfect custom logo for your business or product to target and impress the correct market, giving you the best opportunity to make a good first impression and grow your company.

All my logo designs are handmade with care and passion, following a perfected design process to ensure effective results, meaning you can be confident the logo will stand the test of time, and attract the right customer.

If you have any questions, please contact me, or if you would like to receive a quotation please complete my design enquiry form.

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